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Bilder von Eindrucksvollen Immobilen, Architekten die einen Plan betrachten, Geschäftsleuten, ein Ehepaar in seiner neuen Wohnung.

Increasing values in prime locations:


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Photo: Full view of the building. White residential tower with greenery.


Vienna · Under construction


  • Living
Image: Three-storey residential building in wood hybrid construction at twilight.

The Wild

Vienna · Planning


  • Living
  • Wood hybrid

Quote fromGünter Nikelowski

Günter Nikelowski
Günter Nikelowski
Managing Director of STRABAG Real Estate
Our projects go through many stages. We always place particular emphasis on one aspect: partnership-based cooperation with everyone involved.

What motivates us:Holistic thinking

For us, green is more than just a colour, it is also a characteristic of buildings. Properties have to transform sustainably. We are working on this – tirelessly, skilfully and passionately. What are our goals? Using environmentally friendly materials in a recyclable way, achieving climate neutrality, digitalising sensibly and many more. A lot has already been done. There is still a long way to go. But every project brings us a little bit closer to our goal. Discover what future innovations we are currently working on.

Image: View of Berlin by night and Upper West in the middle
Image: girl swings in the park

We buy land!

In order to develop sustainable properties, we are always on the look-out for plots of land in attractive locations. Here is an overview of the twelve European countries and the metropolitan regions in which we operate.

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Image: Section of an ochre facade with balconies and blue sky.